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The Food Authenticity Network provides information related to food authenticity testing in one convenient location; the information on methods and research reports provided are outputs of government funded research and a link to the source of the information is provided in all other cases. Any view, information or advice given by members on the discussion pages are based on their own views and opinions. No responsibility can be taken for the use made of any view, information or advice given on the Food Authenticity Network.

The Food Authenticity Network helps build more resilient global food supply chains as it curates information on food authenticity testing, food fraud prevention and food supply chain integrity on this open access website, which enables best practice information to be shared for the benefit of all stakeholders, helping to raise standards worldwide. 

The Food Authenticity Network is led by LGC and is funded using a public - private partnership approach.



A library for food authenticity related documents, including policy documents, case studies and available SOPs can be found at documents.foodauthenticity.global. You can also go to our 'Research' page to find a link to research reports, authenticity surveys and standard operating procedures (SOPs) on other sites.


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