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The Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission has published its Monthly Food Fraud Summary for November 2020.

Thanks again to our Member Bruno Séchet for creating this fantastic infographic and allowing us to share with the rest of the Network 😁.

Access JRC Monthly Food Fraud Reports

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JRC (the European Commission's Joint Research Centre) has published its latest April 2018 summary of articles about food fraud and adulteration from around the world. In this month's summary, there are 13 articles including 2 major incidents of fraud. One was by wine producers in Medoc region adding sugar to the grape must to boost alcohol content in 2016. The other was the use of Danish Duroc boars to produce the pigs to make the PDO Prosciutto di Parma and San Daniele, where only Italian breeds are allowed. Production of these two products has been suspended for 6 months. 

Read the April summary here

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JRC has published its monthly summary on articles covering food fraud and adulteration. In this September issue, there are articles on frauds involving Guatemalan coffee beans, tuna treated with beet and vegetable broths high in nitrites, and PGI wines in the Venice area.

Read the full summary of articles at: September JRC Fraud Summary

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JRC (the EU Commission's Joint Research Centre) has just published a report summarising 20 years of EU funded projects on the development of emerging technologies to identify fish species and improve fish trade traceability. The report covers methods based on DNA amplification, DNA sequencing, DNA arrays, proteomics and chemical profiling.

Read the report at: JRC fish species report

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