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The Guardian newspaper has made a study of 44 reports in over 30 countries of the labelling of 9,000 fish and seafood samples in catering and retail, which reveal that around 36% were mislabelled. The fish and seafood most susceptible to mislabelling were snapper, king scallops, and shark.  

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Thai researchers have successfully developed and validated a triplex direct-PCR assay with capillary electrophoresis detection to identify the three common milk species: cow (Bos taurus), sheep (Ovis aries) and goat (Capra hircus). The assay amplified mitochondrial COI and cyt b genes and generated PCR products of 93, 173 and 231 bp for cow, sheep and goat, respectively. It was highly reproducible, specific to target species, sensitive, and showed 100% identification accuracy. Additionally, it was applicable to milk and dairy product samples.

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