Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum (WFNF) are holding an on-line conference on 30 November: Food security - UK priorities, supporting domestic production and driving innovation. The webinar is expected to focus on priorities for food supply chains and UK agriculture. The agenda is:

  • Food security - the global context and the impact of the pandemic
  • Key issues for food security and UK supply chain - developing an ELM scheme that supports domestic food production, maintains standards and aids sector recovery from the pandemic
  • Stakeholder perspectives on UK food security - the impact of Brexit, meeting environmental targets, and developing funding and regulatory mechanisms to support production
  • Ethical questions: Where and how should we grow our food on the road to net zero carbon emissions
  • The effect of moves towards sustainable diets on UK food security and climate targets - managing the transition, adapting to consumer trends, and opportunities for novel foods
  • Improving productivity and impact of regulatory divergence - opportunities and evolving issues for agri-food and crop science
  • The impact of future trade negotiations - food standards, access to markets and meeting global commitments

   For more information on the speakers etc, and registration here