8054811497?profile=RESIZE_180x180Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum (WFNF) is holding a morning's on-line conference on the 24 November: The future for food labelling in the UK - government strategy and options for reform, standards and safety, and future trading relationships. It will cover:

  • Tackling obesity - the new government strategy and its implications for food labelling, with plans for :
    • consultation - Front-of-pack nutrition labelling in the UK: building on success, as well a views expected to be sought on marketing and labelling of infant foods
    • hospitality - introduction of calorie labelling for food sold in large restaurants, takeaways and cafes
    • alcohol - consulting on the inclusion of calorie labelling on alcohol products
    • HFSS - restrictions on the promotion of high fat, sugar and salt products within stores and their advertisement online and on TV
  • further possible developments - allergens, country of origin, and sustainability labelling
  • UK transition - next steps for UK policy and regulation as new international trading relationships are established, including: the use of geographical indicators and origin labels, health marks and health claims, organic standards, and the UK’s internal market and wider trade agreements
  • the COVID-19 pandemic - the sector’s response and approach to supporting food supply

For more information, details of speakers etc. and booking on line here