Food Fraud Mitigation

As well as the loss of consumer confidence in the food supply and economic disadvantage to the consumer, food fraud costs the global food industry an estimated US $40 billion annually.

Food fraud is an age old problem that reoccurs periodically in the food supply chains and is unlikely to be eradicated completely. Since the 2013 global issue of the fraudulent replacement of horsemeat in beef products, there is world-wide consensus that as well as being better at detecting food fraud, more needs to be done to prevent food fraud from happening in the first place.

A number of organisations have published a variety of different initiatives aimed at preventing food fraud. For convenience, information from some  of the global initiatives has been grouped into the following categories:

  1. Tools
  2. Food fraud mitigation guides
  3. Food fraud reports

These can be found under other tabs on this page.

Please note that major global services, guidance and reports known to the Food Authenticity Team have been presented here. It is not a comprehensive list of all available information in this area. However, if you know of an important piece of information that is not featured then please do email us on