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FoodAuthenticity Members can control the information that is displayed for other site users on their own Member Page, using the controls on their member profile page. For example, members can decide whether information is visible to the public, only

2352385?profile=originalIt will help us keep articles relevant if you tell us, and other members, that you find Particular articles useful or informative. Use the small ‘like’ icon to tell us (and other members) that you found an article useful.

Like other social sites, you can connect with other members on the site and swap messages.

  1. Go to the list of members by clicking on the ‘View all’ link 2352404?profile=RESIZE_180x180 under the recent member pictures on the home page. If necessary, search for members by name.

Members can start new discussions on many discussion pages. To start a new discussion, head over to the ‘member discussion’ page and look for the the ‘+’ or ‘Add discussion’ button at top right to start a new discussion topic. You can use 'reply' to