ginger fraud (1)


Food fraud is a constant threat to the spice industry. The results of the food fraud databases and the literature indicate that ginger fraud is a threat that has not been well investigated by researchers, especially the adulteration issues of ground ginger.The ginger supply chain between China and the EU is long and complex, providing opportunities for fraudsters to deceive consumers. This review aims to summarise the open access information from food and food fraud databases, literature, and stakeholders about ginger fraud, and to map, deconstruct and analyse the food fraud vulnerability in the supply chain. Examination of databases and interviews with stakeholders revealed that the most vulnerable ginger products to adulteration are ground ginger and finely processed ginger. Recommendations in the review to ensure the integrity of the ginger supply chain, point to a need to apply fraud vulnerability tools in the companies of the industry. In addition, screening and confirmatory techniques based on the characteristics of ginger should be utilised for monitoring fraud issues in the supply chain.

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