10944562296?profile=RESIZE_192X This Defra project FA0178 was a review of Point of Contact technology, through a food authenticity lens, with a specific focus on its application for verifying food fraud (i.e. to detect misrepresentation and mislabelling of foodstuffs). 

The objectives of the research project were to:

• Explore the availability of POC tests from a food authenticity testing perspective, the pipeline of test development, and the potential use of POC technologies currently employed in related arenas.
• Understand in which new situations POC tests could be applied. Any benefits should be quantified wherever possible.
• Understand the opportunities and limitations from using POC technology and the extent to which these limitations impact on the development of potential applications.
• Explore the maturity of underpinning support mechanisms (such as validation), and the challenges and opportunities of operationalising tests, particularly in relation to knowledge transfer, competence and training.

The report and 5 Annexes can be downloaded here, and you will also find the link on the Research Table on the website under FA0178.

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