Seafood labelling is covered by the EU Information to Consumers Regulation (169/2011), and EU Marketing Regulation for Fishery and Aquaculture Products (1379/2013). This study analysed the labels of seafood products sold in six European countries (France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the UK, which was still a Member State in 2019 when the samples were collected), in order to verify the presence of mandatory information required by these EU Regulations. A total of 824 samples (449 unprocessed non-pre-packed, 213 unprocessd pre-packed, and 162 processed pre-packed) were collected from supermarkets and fishmonger stalls. The results show that there is a difference in compliance among groups of products and among countries. The UK had the lowest compliance in the unprocessed non-prepacked products - just under 64% compared to Portugal (87%). However, the main non-compliance in this category was for non-disclosure of scientific name, fishing gear and the catch production area (mainly the sub-area of FA0 37- North Atlantic, Mediterranean or Black Sea,), which is not customary information on fishmonger stalls. There was little difference between the  6 countries in labelling of pre-packed products, all of which  were over 90% compliance.

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