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SparkleEIM - A new universal instrument for a new scientific era

The future is here! We at SG Isotech simply call it the MAGIC BOX


SparkleEIM is a totally autonomous universal instrument which can replace several very expensive peripherals and instruments for isotopic analysis. Now with SparkleEIM customers don't need HPLC, EA, Equilibration peripherals or NMR so that they could detect and authenticate wine, honey, strong spirits, fruit juices, fruit concentrates, beverage waters, etc... With SparkleEIM you can simply determine d13C values in solid and liquid samples, d18O values in wine, fruit juice and/or beverage waters, d18O value in ethanol, ethanol dDn value of non-exchangeable hydrogen in wine, fermented fruit juice, strong spirit, fermented honey ethanol and to detect very easily adulteration and additions of materials with different botanical origin. Further you can detect illegal addition of water to wine samples and much, much more... SparkleEIM coupled to your IRMS unit can give you all necessary analytical information for which until now you had to buy very expensive NMR, and full IRMS configuration containing HPLC peripheral, EA and equilibration technique for determination of d18O value in beverage water. Now SparkleEIM represents the ONE RING to bind them all in only ONE instrument and give you better performance!


EIM technology references:

EIM-IRMS has better repeatability standard deviation for Hydrogen than standard IRMS Hydrogen measurement. EIM-IRMS rSTDEV= max 1 promil. At the Directorate for National Reference Laboratories of Republic of Serbia we have obtained EIM-IRMS champion results for repeatability standard deviation of 0,2 promil!! This puts EIM-IRMS on the throne as the most accurate isotopic technique on planet Earth, even better than NMR!

EIM-IRMS interlaboratory testing:

EIM-IRMS brochure:

Russians confirmed that EIM-IRMS eats NMR for breakfast!

SparkleEIM with our OXYPrep sample preparation unit can give d18O values in wine and beverage water as good as equilibration technique coupled to IRMS:

EIM-IRMS honey authenticity testing: 

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Ivan Smajlovic, CEO of SG ISOTECH DOO

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