This on-line Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum Policy Conference on 9 December will discuss: 

  • COVID-19 - the impact on the industry national and regional restrictions aims at tackling rising infections, and ways businesses are adapting
  • support priorities - what the industry needs, including the workforce and food and drink businesses of all scales, with the impact of pandemic restrictions and as the end of the EU transition period
  • innovation and consumer habits - how food, drink and hospitality companies are evolving their offering as consumers move through the pandemic, and the lessons that can be taken forward
  • trade - future international relationships and the impact on the sector, its regulation and food standards - and the role of the Trade and Agriculture Commission
  • public health policy - policy and regulatory initiatives on obesity, alcohol, and marketing - including calorie food labelling for the out of home sector
  • skills - what is needed from government, and policy in areas such as visas and immigration, to ensure the UK is able to overcome shortages and supply change issues at the end of the UK transition
  • environment targets - meeting the challenges across the food supply chain, including reducing waste and use of plastic, moving towards net zero, and adapting to evolving consumer expectations

More information on the programme, speakers, and booking on-line here