Global Alliance on Food Crime

The Global Alliance (GA) is a coalition of international leaders who have agreed to work together on the prevention, detection and disruption of food crime.  The GA initially agreed to have a small number of founder participants, consisting of food regulatory and enforcement organisations from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA, but are looking to involve any country that is willing and able to contribute to the aims and objectives of the GA moving forward. 

Members of the GA aim to collaborate as enforcement bodies to protect consumers from intentional acts of fraud or misrepresentation, wherever they take place within global food supply chains. Protection can best be afforded through coordinated international action and the sharing of information and good practice across borders.  The work of the GA is intended to complement but not duplicate work already underway in the regulatory/law enforcement, scientific and academic communities. 

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GA Strategic Objectives

  1. Prevent food rendered unsafe or inauthentic through intentional acts of fraud or misrepresentation from entering or remaining in food supply chains;
  2. Increase enforcement action in relation to food fraud, through collaborative activity, in accordance with relevant national food or criminal law
  3. Support global prevention, detection and enforcement capability and capacity in this area;
  4. Facilitate and build a global information sharing network amongst the global alliance members to prepare and respond to food fraud.


Update: March 2024

The next meeting is due to take place in early April 2024, where the members will develop actions around the GA's four strategic objectives, consider emerging food crime risks and how the GA can work together to mitigate impact, look at sharing good practice and discuss increasing group membership, amongst other things.

We will be providing regular progress updates on the GA page of the Food Authenticity Network.