Test Methods, Research and Analytical Techniques

The reports and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) listed in this section are outputs of the UK Food Authenticity Research programme and projects were funded by DEFRA and/or FSA.

Links have been provided where available. For reports or SOPS where a link has not been provided, they can be located by searching for the project number or title on the FSA or DEFRA websites.

Appearance on this list does not constitute approval for a particular purpose and no warranty is given relating to the performance in practice of the SOPs listed.

Other research or methods listed include:

  • Reports on authenticity surveys and nitrogen factors, and Food Integrity Scientific Opinions.
  • Methods from Standards organisations: BSI, Codex and CEN
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical Methods Committee Technical Briefs. 

"Analytical Techniques Explained" links through to our in-house compendium of test techniques, aimed at food industry technical managers or those in similar roles.  This covers the principles and applications of some common techniques used in food authenticity testing.