Near Miss reporting in Hospitality

We have identified that the hospitality Industry (SMEs specifically) are not currently doing enough to capture near miss incidents, specially when related to Allergen Managemnt.What are your thoughts on Near Miss Reporting - do you see it happen in your environment?We are planning to create a white paper comparing hospitality stats with the FoodHypersensitive (FHS) Customer stats to understnd what needs to be done going forward on internal reporting.We have created two surveys and to find out…

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Food authenticity, primary production and allergen management

Dear all I would like to recommend you reading the latest update from Australian Allergen Bureau "Unexpected allergens in food" from January 2021. The document includes good information about Agricultural co-mingling and food fraud issues related to allergen management and can be be downloaded from  Best regards, Anders Nilsson

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Orfito by Onatera

I am trying to find out if a brand of vitamins & supplements called Orfito, which are exclusively sold by, are legitimate or a scam. They are priced dramatically lower than other brands, and they say that their independent tests aren't public. What can I do?

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