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Tenet Law will be hosting a free online discussion with Tony Sales, a convicted fraudster turned anti-fraud advisor, covering

1: Imitation / Fake Goods

2: Payment Fraud

3: Bribery & Collusion (Insider Fraud)

4: Digital / AI

5: Knowing Your Supply Cha

Registration is now open for the annual US Food Safety Summit.  Events are spread over 3 days, and delegates can register for individual events or for the entire summit.  One key event, on 6 May, is a 1-day Food Fraud Workshop and Certificate Course

This 1-day in person conference, organised by legal firm Rahman Ravelli, is not specifically food industry focussed.  It has a range of speakers giving different legal perspectives from different countries but a specific focus is the implications of

The 2nd conference of the African Continental Association for Food Protection (the regional organisation associated with the IAFP) will take place on 7-9 November in Accra, Ghana.  The topics cover food safety, integrity, security and authenticity. 

The next in BRCGS's series of free "Ask the Expert" online discussions is on the topic of product testing, including risk-based approaches to testing for food authenticity concerns.  John Points, FAN's secretary, will be one of the panellists.  The e