country of origin labelling (2)


In the European Commission's Farm to Fork Strategy document, there is an initiative to consider extending the country of origin provisions in the Food Information to Consumer Regulation to more foods in Q4 of 2022. At present, there is obligatory origin labelling for  fruits and vegetables, olive oil, honey, eggs, meat, fish, wine and spirit drinks. The categories of foods suggested for an extended country of origin labelling are milk, rice, and potatoes, but some Member States want it to be applied to all foods.

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As part of the Defra Project FA0159 on production and geographical origin of food, Fera are conducting a survey on the need for and availability of pork data bases for geographical origin determination.  Anyone who is interested in the country of origin labelling of pork should complete the survey. The results will be collated and incorporated into the final Defra project report which will be made publicly available at the end of 2018.

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