10840665075?profile=RESIZE_584xThe prevention of food fraud is paramount to protecting the trust of our consumers and maintaining fair, sustainable business practices. The purpose of this presentation is to guide food operators through approaches and processes, including VACCP, to improve the resilience of supply chains to food fraud.

As well as the loss of consumer confidence in the food supply and economic disadvantage to the consumer, food fraud costs the global food industry an estimated US$40 billion a year.

During the webinar on 19 October, Sterling Crew (our FAN Board Chair) looks at the common factors in many of the recent cases and how they can be mitigated and how to assure the authenticity of food by minimising vulnerability to fraud. He addresses specific VACCP mitigation strategies and examines selected risk mitigation measures aimed at preventing food fraud in each supply chain.

Following the presentation, there will be a 45-minute Q&A session, putting the experts at your fingertips.

Attendees on this webinar will receive a CPD certificate worth 2 CPD points.

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