This morning virtual conference on 20 April will discuss the Food Strategy White Paper, which covers:

  • the UK food system - emerging trends, challenges and priorities for following COVID-19 and exit from the EU
  • the Food Strategy White Paper:
    • response to the recommendations of the National Food Strategy
    • potential effectiveness in addressing the key issues for the  food and farming sector
    • options future support
  • net-zero - what will be required to decarbonise the food supply chain and the farming industry, in line with the Agricultural Transition Plan 2021 to 2024
  • regulation - food standards, and meeting challenges facing the UK food industry, such as climate change

As well as the wider policy implications:

  • future trade agreements:
    • the government’s response to the concerns raised by the Trade and Agriculture Commission: Final Report
    • fairness, transparency, sustainability and welfare standards
    • food security - both for the UK and developing nations
    • fostering domestic food production and delivering better food standards
  • public health and the Food Strategy White Paper:
    • accessibility to healthy food
    • priorities for the Office for Health Inequalities and Disparities and the Office for Health Promotion
  • international policy - opportunities for a holistic food strategy, and potential for synergies and collaborations on food security
  • UK policy - developing future food policy alongside government objectives such as those in the Tackling Obesity strategy and the Environment Act

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