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Hi All,

I would like to draw the attention of other members of the Food Authenticity network to what we are working on in our SG Isotech company. SGI has developed, patented and validated a new fast and accurate isotopic method for determining the botanical origin of sugar or ethanol. Our new EIM-Module -IRMS technology (Ethanol Isotope Measurement - Module - Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry) is able to detect illegal manufacturing practices in wine production (detection of added sugar and/or water dilution), to determine the authenticity of fruit juices in the case of freshly squeezed fruit juices that are declared without added sugar or water in comparison to reconstructed fruit juices which are produced from juice concentrate with water dilution, as well as the detection of the presence of diverse sugar syrups in honey.

In addition, our new EIM-Module - IRMS concept gives a better differentiation of measured analyte - ethanol in comparison to NMR and therefore it can be used in most cases without the need of reference isotopic databases for sample comparison. Among other things, for honey authenticity testing EIM-Module-IRMS is the only technique which can give information about quantitative addition of Beet sugar invert syrup to honey.

Now, this new EIM-Module-IRMS technology opens the possibility for laboratories which already use IRMS equipment to give information on wine, fruit juices and honey authenticity which were until now possible to achieve only by means of very expensive NMR testing.

For more information, please jump to our website or you can contact me directly at .

Cheers! :)

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  • Ivan, very interesting. How about origin and grape variety determination with this method?
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