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Orfito by Onatera

I am trying to find out if a brand of vitamins & supplements called Orfito, which are exclusively sold by, are legitimate or a scam. They are priced dramatically lower than other brands, and they say that their independent tests aren't public. What can I do?

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  • Thanks for the advice. I'm located in France, and as far as I can tell the Orfito brand is only sold on

    What makes me wonder is the fact that they won't show me any independent test reports or certifications, and the reviews of have complaints about them deleting negative reviews of Orfito supplements. Also, they have supplements I can't find elsewhere (like 100% plant-derived 'vegetal' melatonin). And their pricing seems too good to be true.

    How are consumers supposed to verify if a brand of supplements is actually legit or a fraud?
  • It looks as though Onatera is a genuine French company, and their vitamin/supplement line is Orfito. I am sure you have seen that their reviews by customers is a bit mixed i.e. a lot of positive comments but a fair number of negative ones as well. I suspect that their trade with the UK is not very consistent, and their customer service for the UK is poor as well. I suggest you deal with a UK company to be sure of receiving your products, and probably can get them at the same price on offer..

    Mark Woolfe
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