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Worldwide, no week passes without a product recall in the food industry, due to pathogen contamination. It causes illness and in some worst cases even death.

At SwissDeCode, we don't surrender to events. We have been hit by contaminations and life taught us how to transform threats into opportunities. Like you, we have a strong relationship with food and we firmly believe that during a crisis, a combination of accuracy and rapid intervention is critical.

That’s why for the past two years, we have been developing a pragmatic solution to support teams and responsive food processing companies during a crisis.

Today, to optimize our "crisis intervention kit" even more, we are looking for improvement oriented, open minded and responsible managers, people who are ready to share their crisis experience with us, to stand against inaction and to fight for the right cause.

If you believe, as we do, that experience sharing is crucial to global food safety improvement and are ready to talk with us, please contact us by private message or - Confidentiality is the rule.

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