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  • Thank you for providing extra information !
  • There are immunoassay-based tests "out there" for milk cheese adultteration detection but Bio-Check does not have an ELISA (though we'd like to have!) Non-dairy should not be too much of a problem since cow's/buffalo's milk would react strongly in a (bovine) casein ELISA whereas non-dairy should not.
  • Hi Philip, thank you for your comment, could we please have some more information on milk adulteration? For example mozzarella cheese replaced by cheese imitation products (non dairy)?
  • Well, Authenticity covers a multitude of sins these days...!?
    At Bio-Check (UK) we are most interested in meat species adulteration - we use LGCs Standard meats/meat mixtures and are trying a FAPAS Halal round, but the positive sample just tested seems to have quite a high level of pork that is not analytically challenging. Our High Sensitivity Raw Pig ELISA detects significantly below 0.1% in unprocessed samples and I believe PCR can detect at or just below 0.1%?
    Otherwise - and again depending on whether you include them in "authenticity" - we are interested in food allergens, cereal glutens, milk adulteration (dairy and non-dairy) and mycotoxin analysis. All except milk served in some fashion by FAPAS I believe.
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