• Can anyone point me in the direction of any documentation giving guidance on validation of genomics method for food authenticity. Thanks
  • Dear Food Authenticity member, DNA Gensee is a French company offering DNA barcoding and metabarcoding to authenticate your samples. I would be happy to discuss problems and solutions with you. (
    In a few word, barcoding is a method using a small fragment of DNA to dectect and identify plant species. Advantages : It's precise, reliable and reproducible. It's not dependant on the growth development stage or the plant tissu. Drawback : some species have no reference in database.
    DNA Gensee
    DNA Gensee, laboratoire de biotechnologies spécialisé dans la traçabilité par l'ADN végétal et le contrôle de l'authenticité, Le Bourget du Lac, Rhôn…
  • There is a new DNA method invented at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.
    It gives results in 30 minutes without any lab equipment or scientists. It is designed for use by warehouse staff where raw materials are received or final good despatched. Happy to explain more if you drop me a line.
  • Thanks Mark, I will have a look at the report. Unfortunately, I do not currently have access to DNA facilities but I am looking for a lab that is able to assist us.
  • Maril. If you have DNA facilities, you may want to look at the final report of Q01111, which was a project carried out by Campden BRI on authenticating fruit juices and pulps using the Agilent Bioanalyser and a PCR-RFLP based method.
  • Hi All! I was tasked to create a procedure for validating the authenticity of our raw materials on a regular basis. Our raw materials are mainly fruit pulp and fruit concentrations. The concerning questions are: Are only the specified fruit used? Does it only contain fruit, and no added sugars or fillers?
    Has any of you dealt with this type of food fraud? How did you handle it and where did you test the products?
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