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MoniQA will hold a free-of-charge, virtual event on November 10 and 11. The events will take place from 2pm-4pm CET (Rome, Berlin time) / 8am-10am ET (New York time).

10 November 2020

Speaker Topic
Cesare Varallo Draft amendments to Reg. EC 852/2004 about allergen cross contamination management
Linda Monaci How far are we about a reference method for multiallergen detection in foods? Preliminary results of the ThRAll project
Thomas Gude Gaps and Opportunities of Mineral Oil Testing - comparison of method
Bert Popping Food safety testing using portable devices
Martin Mehl Surface and water testing for COVID-19: recent experiences (eventually including an AOAC PTM)
Richards Cantrill Do standards protect the olive oil consumer?
Roland Poms Food safety testing and the importance of reference materials

11 November 2020

Speaker Topic
Markus Lipp Tropane alkaloids in grain – what do we know, what can be done?
Samuel Godefroy Charting a Path Forward for Food Regulatory Convergence in the Arab Region
Stefan Schmidt Impact of food processing on recovery rates for allergens such as egg
Tullia Gallina Toschi The OLEUM actual scenario: from the fraud to the countermeasures
Lynn Frewer Food safety risk communication in the digital age
Nina McGarth Food safety communication: from science to the public


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November 10:

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