Food Drink Ireland, Safefood and SQT are running a free webinar series exploring aspects of the threats and vulnerabilities to the food and drink industry.  This first webinar, 18 September, 11.30 GMT,  covers Food Defence and Authenticity.

  • The discussion will encompass key policy touchpoints such as the Agri-Food Chain Regulation (EU) 2017/625, which streamlines and modernises the official controls across the food supply chain. 
  • It will also explore the initiatives of the Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality (KC-FFQ), an invaluable EU resource for combating food fraud. Furthermore, it will discuss the impactful Operation OPSON—a joint operation between Europol and INTERPOL designed to clamp down on counterfeit and substandard food and beverages. 
  • It will dissect the EU Annual Food Fraud Report to understand its implications for food producers. 

 This presentation offers to provide real-world examples and provide resources that can aid businesses in fostering a robust food defence strategy.  Registration is at: