IAEA International Symposium on Food Safety and Control, Vienna, 27-31 May 2024

This flagship conference from the joint FAO/IAEA centre for nuclear techniques in food and agriculture will include a core module on food authenticity and fighting food fraud

  • Methods and systems to support food authenticity and combat food fraud
  • Isotopic and elemental analysis for food authenticity and verification of production and geographical origin
  • Field-deployable methods to check food authenticity at the point of contact
  • Promotion of food authenticity for food safety and to improve nutrition

Participation is solicited from scientists, researchers, laboratory analysts, policymakers, regulators, food producers and others concerned with food safety and control systems and maintaining the integrity of the food supply chain.  The link to register or submit papers is here.  The IAEA has grants available to cover the costs of a limited number of participants - application details are also via the link.  The deadline for applications, and for abstract submissions, is 17 November.