Spotlight on Food Fraud Student Talks

12218938283?profile=RESIZE_710xSince the COVID pandemic 1 hour calls on food fraud, which involved two virtual presentations on student research projects, were organised every 4-6 weeks for students at Wageningen University and Queen’s University.

The opportunity to join these low threshold, free calls, share research and invite feedback from peers is now being given to other students.

If you are a  BSc, MSc, or PhD student who conducts research on food fraud, food authenticity/authentication, and food crimes and you want to to join the ‘Spotlight on Food Fraud Student Talks’, please contact Professor Saskia van Ruth, Professor of Food Supply Chain Integrity, University College Dublin, Ireland: 

  1. Through the Food Authenticity Network: Saskia van Ruth - FoodAuthenticity
  2. Through LinkedIn: Saskia van Ruth | LinkedIn