Webinar - Engaging the Power of Language to Disrupt Fraud - 30 April

This is the latest in the "At the Coal Face" series from FAN partner Tenet Law.

Tenet’s Arun Chauhan will be joined by Dr. Elisabeth Carter, renowned criminologist and forensic linguist. She examines the manipulation of interactional, ethical, and social drivers by fraudsters, and the delicate balance between power and persuasion, credibility and vulnerability.

  • How words subtly shape human behaviour for desired results
  • Encouraging a ‘speaking up’ culture for natural employee engagement
  • Overcoming misperceptions to drive effective organisational change
  • Improving fraud warnings issued by banks to their customers
  • Recognising the impact of internal dialogue on fraud prevention strategies

This is an opportunity to hear from award winning Dr. Elisabeth Carter, recognised for her expertise in examining fraudulent interactions. Her research supports law enforcement campaigns, informs the UK Home Office Fraud Strategy, guides police operations, advises the financial industry, and provides actionable strategies to combat fraudulent communications across a range of sectors.

Following the session, attendees will receive a pocket guide summarising key takeaways and learnings from the session.

30 April, 12.00 - 13.00 BST

Free to register - here.