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  • Personally, I feel that this type of social responsibility can only be achieved through legislation or second best by agreed Code of Practices to have a level playing field. Generally, most large companies have good corporate social responsibility or they do not stay in business. It is the fraudsters who cause the problem. When working for the FSA, I was involved with many projects and initiatives to measure added water in meat, poultry and seafood. On the one hand the labelling regulations are clear about the declaration of weight net of glaze for frozen seafood, and there is a Codex method for measuring glaze. The problem is then to measure the added water, if any, in the seafood itself. The only simple way of doing this is to use nitrogen factors to determine fish (or meat) content. I was able to get the the nitrogen method for fish content determination agreed at Codex with the help of EU countries, as one of the methods for fish content determination in breaded fish products, however, not without opposition from some other countries. The UK also managed to obtain EU labelling changes for cuts and joints of meat (including cured meat) to put added water above 5% into the name of the food. However, things may not be quite as controlled on a global level, which was at the heart of the article.
  • Interesting article! thanks for sharing
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