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It is a requirement by all GFSI (Global Food Safety Imitative) benchmarked food safety standards and many retailer supplier requirements, to carry out a food fraud vulnerability assessment of a food manufacturers entire supply chain with a very strong emphasis on ranking raw materials for potential vulnerability.  The expected outcome of the identification of any potential fraud, is the implementation of mitigation strategies/control measures, to reduce the risk of fraud.    In 2016, Clare Winkel at ICS, developed a risk assessment and ranking method that has been used to assess approximately 800 raw materials for vulnerability to food fraud. This method is based on 3 independent variables: likelihood X detectability X profitability, with the outcome of a single numerical score, that can be easily ranked. In 2023 the team at ICS utilized the food fraud risk assessment method, to develop an online tool to bring automation, efficiency consistency to the process: Food Fraud Scorecard.
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SwissDeCode, in partnership with Agroscope, has developed a new solution that is able to verify the autheticity of cheese, through the detection of proof-of-origin bacterial cultures. Although it has been developed and tested on different Swiss cheeses, the solution, which provides results in just one hour, can be also adapted to other types of cheeses.

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