Authenticity Methods Working Group Terms of Reference

The AMWG acts to evaluate research developed within the Defra food authenticity research programme.  This programme focuses on the development of methods to support the authentication of food description and enforcement of food legislation. Its role is about ensuring the methods developed are robust and it provides advice on the wider application of the methods, for example, in the carrying out of surveys.   It is composed of food authenticity experts including representatives from government, industry, enforcement authorities and commercial laboratories.

Its role is to:

  • Provide a strategic scientific steer on the research and methods to be developed in the programme, including the provision of a challenge function to ensure the work of the programme is at all times based on sound science.
  • assess methods of analysis to be used to detect adulteration and mis-description of food, and comment on their applicability to specific issues and advise generally on the uncertainty and interpretation of results
  • advise where further development work is required to improve or validate existing methods for determining food authenticity
  • promote information and technology transfer by encouraging enforcement authorities and industry to apply existing and new techniques, as appropriate,
  • consider food authenticity surveillance exercises performed by Defra and the Agency and advise on any future action needed