Chris Elliott on BBC Radio 4 - Fighting Food Fraud

10930141894?profile=RESIZE_400x Chris Elliott was the the guest on BBC's Radio 4 programme - The Life Scientific talking about his life and his work on food fraud. The recording of the programme will be available for over a year from 10 January 2023. Chris was a founding director of the Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) at Queens University Belfast. After the horsemeat fraud incident in 2013, he conducted an independent review of the UK food system. Following Recommendation 4 in the review report, LGC set up the Food Authenticity Network with funding from Defra. Chris also goes into details of the latest developments in fighting food fraud.

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  • It is a great pity that not all of Prof Elliot's Eight Pillars of Food Integrity are in place. It could be argued that the FAN is the only one of the six parts of Recommendation 4 that saw the light of day. There was simply no appetite in Government or Public Health England to work with local authorities with their own laboratories to consider appropriate options for an integrated shared scientific service around food standards. When the review was published there were six local authority laboratories in England, now there are three. 

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