EU Honey: Supply Chain and Vulnerability Map

12175572265?profile=RESIZE_400xThe latest blog post by Prof John Spink describes the output of an EU Joint Research Centre exercise to map the honey supply chain.  He concludes that it is an exemplar model of how this should be done; it is a systematic picture of nodes, links, vulnerabilities at each point, "guardians" at each point, vulnerability "hot spots" and countermeasures.  John also lists some training resources on how to conduct supply chain mapping and vulnerability assessment.  You can sign up to receive e-mail notifications of his blogs through the same link, above.

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  • Hi, The supply chain map looks like a great example. Does anyone have the link to the original report/presentation from the EU JRC which contains the supply chain map? I can only find the "From the Hives" report when I search for it and it isn't linked in John Spink's post. Thanks

    • Hi Lindsay, I asked John Spink for the original link when I posted this. I will remind him.  He did say that it was not obvious - it was hidden in the minutes of an EU Agriculture Working Group.


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