FSA updates areas of research interest

10835253086?profile=RESIZE_584xThe Food Standards Agency (FSA) has updated its areas of research interest (ARI) to include a focus on food that is healthier and more sustainable.

FSA has added four new ARI that reflect the updated priorities in their 2022-2027 strategy: that food is safe; is what it says it is; and is healthier and more sustainable. The update includes revising the overarching research themes and the addition of four new ARI. The updated ARIs are:

Research priority one: Assuring food and feed safety and standards

  1. What is the impact of chemical hazards (including nanomaterials and microplastics) in food and how can we reduce it?
  2. What are the impacts of foodborne pathogens and how can we reduce them?  
  3. What is the impact of food hypersensitivity (including allergies and intolerance) and how can we reduce it? 
  4. What is the impact of crime, including food fraud, on the UK food supply chain, and how can we reduce it? 
  5. What are the differences in food production systems and food standards globally and how does this impact on trade and the food available to UK consumers?  
  6. What is the impact and risk of novel and non-traditional foods, additives, and processes on the food system, including on consumer confidence?  

Research priority two: Understanding consumers and our wider society

  1. How do consumers view and understand the food system, and balance their choices against multiple competing factors (including safety and standards, nutrition and health, choice, availability, affordability, sustainability, and welfare)?  
  2. What role does consumer and Food Business Operator behaviour and perception play in ensuring food safety and standards?  
  3. What impact do food insecurity and other disparities have on the consumer and the food system?  

Research priority three: Adapting to the food and feed system of the future

  1. What are the risks and opportunities presented by shifts and disruptions in the food system, including new and emerging technologies, and how should we regulate food in the future? 
  2. How can the FSA continue to be an innovative and effective regulator when developing and implementing food regulations? 

Research priority four: Addressing global grand challenges 

  1. How can the FSA improve the evidence base concerning Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and food?  
  2. What are the impacts of climate change, including society’s efforts to mitigate it and adapt to it, on the food system? 
  3. How can we support the necessary transition to more healthy and sustainable diets, and what will be the impact on the UK food system, including food security, safety and standards?
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