12360746468?profile=RESIZE_180x180As the world's human population grows and climate change impacts food security, digital technologies are becoming increasingly critical for ensuring transparency, resilience, and fairness across the food system.

However, technology and digitalisation are often expensive and can be out of reach for small-scale farms and businesses. So, how can we ensure these technologies are available to all stakeholders, and the associated food is affordable for all consumers?

Here are four ways that technology can increase food system transparency, resilience and fairness (FAO report: Five ways science, technology and innovation are helping to transform the world's agrifood systems): 

  1. Track food supply chains and collect secure data
  2. Increase access to information and enable communication between stakeholders and with consumers
  3. Monitor and predict changes to reduce and prevent risk
  4. Connect small-scale producers and increase access to networks and services.

Read EIT-Food's blog on how can digital technologies increase food system transparency, resilience, and fairness?

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