The EC Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality (the Joint Research Centre, “JRC”) have published their monthly collation of global food fraud media reports for February 2024. 

Thanks, as always, for FAN member Bruno Sechet for formatting these into this infographic, which you can download here.  If you would like to join the JRCs mailing list to sign up for these monthly summaries then the link is here.  You can also follow Bruno's LinkedIn feed here.

Other interesting articles signposted by the JRC:

  • The United Kingdom Food Standards Agency (FSA) has updated its guidance for the private sector to prevent food crime.
    Food.gov.uk     Food-safety
  • DG SANTE ACN food fraud monthly reports
    The Commission has published its first monthly report on agri-food fraud suspicions. The report compiles information gathered
    from the Alert and Cooperation Network (ACN), which facilitates the exchange of information between Member States on agrifood controls. The report includes cases of cross-border non-compliance, which ACN members have identified and shared as
    suspected fraud.
    DG SANTE    Food Authenticity Network    Food Safety News
  • UK FSA Surveillance Sampling Programme
    A project commissioned by the UK FSA led to the sampling of retail food products from food business operators (e.g. national
    supermarkets and small independent retailers) in October 2022. A total of 1 215 food samples from 28 different food
    commodity types were collected and tested. 81% of the samples tested for compliance were satisfactory.
    FSA    Food Authenticity Network
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