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10948923475?profile=RESIZE_192XThe Food Standards Agency (FSA) Board agreed to a full organisational review of the NFCU, which had been given expanded activities in June 2018 from a strategic and tactical intelligence capability to a comprehensive response to criminal threats and vulnerabilities, including investigative capabilities. Selvarani Elahi, our Executive Director, was part of the review team that carried out the review from June to October 2022. The review collected evidence from 28 focus groups and 40 external stakeholders from the food industry and local authorities, as well as staff from the FSA/NFCU.  The Review reported 22 findings and made 5 recommendations:

  1. Clearer definition of the Unit’s purpose, with performance indicators aligned to its strategy.

  2. Using this enhanced clarity to assess ‘as-is’ capability, and then design and build the required ‘to-be’ position.

  3. Ensuring access to the latest tradecraft and capability within law enforcement to enhance capabilities.

  4. Nurturing of internal culture and improvements to internal career pathways.

  5. Better projection of the Unit, its food crime messaging and its successes.

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