New Advanced Criminology Free Online Course

New Advanced Criminology Free Online Course

The Food Fraud Prevention Academy is a group run out of Michegan State University by Prof John Spink, one of FAN's Advisory Board members.  The Academy offer a number of MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) in the fields of Food Fraud Prevention.  They have recently added a free course in Advanced Criminology


This new course provides an overview of Advanced Criminology and an introduction to the Food Fraud Incident Template. It was developed after a request from the private and public sectors because of the need for a standardized template and publicly available training.

The foundation of this course is the Food Fraud Incident Template, which is a simple survey that helps gather complete information – or clearly identifies what information is missing, unavailable, or unknowable.

The template is based on criminology concepts which are covered in other MOOCs from the Academy, including Intelligence Analysis, Food Document Fraud, and the Food Fraud Suspicious Activity Report (FFSAR).  The topic was developed during  INTERPOL/ Europol Operation OPSON meetings over the past five years.


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