New Entry: “Which foods are most adulterated”?

“Which foods are most adulterated”? is a question that the Food Authenticity Network is frequently asked, so the Network is delighted to be collaborating with FoodChain ID to provide this information. Foods most reported as being fraudulent is based on data from the FoodChain ID Food Fraud Database, and it will be reviewed and posted on an annual basis in the Food Fraud Prevention section of the Food Authenticity Network website.

The data on the website is for the last 10 years up to 2021. The category "Other" covers mainly ingredients that do not fit into any of the other categories list, e.g. tree nuts/peanuts, sweeteners/non-nutritive sweeteners (other than honey), and various food additives.It also includes some composite food such as ready meals. The data has already been published in an article written by Dr Karen Everstine of FoodChain ID in the Network's June 2022 Newsletter.


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