Pork Gelatin Identification using PCR

11577158079?profile=RESIZE_400xMost researchers conclude that there is too little intact DNA in gelatin for traditional PCR to be applicable as a species authentication method.  A recent paper (here – open access) published in the pharmaceutical press is unusual in reporting success of the approach.  The authors used primers that they had previously developed in-house.  They tested the gelatin in pharmaceutical capsules for the presence of porcine DNA, in order to verify Halal medicine claims.  They validated the method using one provenant beef and one pork gelatin capsule then piloted the method on four market samples, detecting porcine DNA in three of them.

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  • Great John, we have to look into it.

    • I was very surprised that they could get enough viable DNA for a PCR.  If it can be repeated then this could be a bit of a game changer.


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