12398543059?profile=RESIZE_400xThe authors of this recent paper (open access) review the use of anti-counterfeiting measures in the supply chains of high value foods, such as foods with PDO or PGI designation.  They consider five classifications of anti-counterfeiting measures: mechanical solutions (labels, seals, anti-alteration devices), marking technologies (codes, holograms, covert inks, microtexts), digital traceability, electronic labels (RFID, NFD), and blockchain.  The authors cite examples and case studies where these measures have been used within five supply chain categories; milk & dairy products, meat & meat products, fish & seafood products, wines & spirits, olive oil.  They conclude that, of the available anti-counterfeiting tools, RFID tags and digital traceability systems are relatively underused in the highest risk supply chains.

Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash

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