The Cost of Food Crime - report published by FSA

12245499060?profile=RESIZE_710xThe UK Food Standards Agency has published a report that has developed a Cost of Food Crime (CoFC) model, which identifies and measures the economic and social cost of food crime.

Cost of Food Crime to the UK

  • The total cost of food crime on the UK is estimated to be between £410 million and £1.96 billion per year.
  • This is equivalent to between 0.07% and 0.33% of the UK food industry turnover each year (BEIS, 2021).
  • The estimated value of fraudulent food and drink in the UK is between £296 million and £1.48 billion per year (discussed in Section 2.4 CoFC).
  • The range in the estimated total cost of food crime represents the sensitivity to the volume of criminal activity, from crimes reported to estimates of total crimes (including unreported activity). Further research is required to develop the quality of data in order to narrow the range with confidence. 

The full report can be accessed here.

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