20 September 2017: Food Safety Conference - Risks, Threats, Vulnerabilities

A Manufacturer-Led, Senior-Level, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 20th Sept 2017, One America Square, London. Download the brochure here. Book Today – Group Discounts Available.

Identify & Reduce Threats & Vulnerabilities To Food Safety With Advanced Risk Assessments Around Fraud, Contaminants & Industry Challenges: Next-Level, Proactive Systems & Approaches For Full Supply Chain Traceability, Raw Material Authenticity & Integrity Assurance With Insights On The Latest Trends, Retailer Views & Legislative Updates.

How Can You Ensure You Have Robust, Proactive Systems & Processes To Reduce The Risk Of Food Fraud, Supply Chain Vulnerabilities, Raw Material Adulteration & Contamination?

  1. Horizon Scanning & Industry Trends – Anticipating The Next Big Threat: Assess the trends in industry recalls and outbreaks and harness horizon scanning to predict and prepare for emerging risks
  2. Identifying & Reducing Supply Chain Vulnerabilities: Best-practice methods for robust risk assessment and traceability of your raw materials and supply chain to assess the various threats
  3. Food Fraud – Don’t Get Caught Out! Harness insights into the best methods and systems to maintain the authenticity and integrity of your end product
  4. Next-Level Authenticity Testing: Ensure the authenticity of your raw materials and map your supply chain with the latest tools, techniques and developments
  5. Prevent The Threat Of Contamination & Outbreaks: Best-practice detection methods and controls to protect your food and drink products from micro, chemical and physical contamination
  6. Advanced Allergen Control: Avoid the cost of allergen recalls and the risk of cross-contamination with robust detection methods and on-site controls
  7. Uncovering Retailer Expectations: Don’t fall short of retailer expectations and motivations
  8. Successfully Implementing & Preparing For Legislation Updates: Strategies to meet current industry standards and assessing the likely impact of legislation changes
  9. Embedding Food Safety Culture: Best-practice training methods to entrench food safety culture within your organisation