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Near Miss reporting in Hospitality


We have identified that the hospitality Industry (SMEs specifically) are not currently doing enough to capture near miss incidents, specially when related to Allergen Managemnt.

What are your thoughts on Near Miss Reporting - do you see it happen in your environment?

We are planning to create a white paper comparing hospitality stats with the FoodHypersensitive (FHS) Customer stats to understnd what needs to be done going forward on internal reporting.

We have created two surveys and to find out more please visit the following site which has links, images and back ground information on the camapign - please share if UK based

If you are outside the UK we are stil interested t hear about the issues please ensure you select international for our information  

Thank you for your support

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  • Thank you for the prompt I have a contact and have added to the mailer list for the hospitality organisations to be sent to
  • Thanks for the reply Caroline - that makes sense. I was speaking to Mark Woolfe and we thought it would be good for you to contact the Safefood allergey network also:
    Food allergies and intolerance | safefood
    What's the difference between a food allergy and food intolerance?
  • Hi Selvarani
    We have spoken with the FSA and because the current survey is a pilot none of the data from this survey will be verifiable, and they are not able to use it for a report or share with outside organisations, which is why we have the FHS survey running. We will be sharing out report with our FSA contacts and working with them if they decide that DB has been successful the they will start again (adapting questions as many have queried why they are not taking the venue details to improve on best practice) and it will be another 18 - 24 months when they will be able to share the data from the start of the new DB. - Hope that answers your questions please feel free to contact by email if you would like to discuss further
  • Hello Caroline,
    Thanks for posting this discussion.
    Will the data from the FSA pilot below 'Report a food allergy, intolerance or coeliac reaction' be included?
    Kind regards
    Report a food allergy or intolerance reaction
    Food Standards Agency makes sure food is safe and what it says it is.
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