Following extensive consultation with the Food and Drink Industry, Campden BRI, one of our Food Authenticity Centres of Expertise, publishes a report of industry needs that can be met through innovation in science and technology. The consultation spanned ‘pre-farm to post-fork’, so many needs were identified.

Commonly expressed needs:

  • Sustaining product quality in the face of rising costs of operations and materials
  • Soil health - recognition of soil as a resource and methods for its protection
  • Human microbiota - understanding and harnessing the role of gut microbes in diet-related health conditions
  • Anti-microbial resistance - addressing its significance for the food and drink sector
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber-security - managing the benefits and risks of the ‘connected world’ (e.g. Internet of Things, ’Big Data’, and machine learning)

Long-standing needs that are common to different parts of the supply chain, include:

  • Assuring product safety through systems and analytical tools
  • Encouraging consumer well-being through healthy diets
  • Protecting consumers and industry from food fraud
  • Encouraging sustainable practices, reduced use of resources and adding value to waste
  • Tackling industry’s ´skills shortage´.

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  • That's actually important because not all the suppliers are actually reliable, and in some cases, they can mislabel their products, that's why I'm pretty careful when it comes to food. In general, I check the nutritional information pretty often, and this site helps me with that. I believe that such info should be more accessible to people nowadays.

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