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12331691470?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Analysis for Innovators Programme grants you special access to NML's world-leading experts. Submit your application and collaborate with us to solve your measurement and analytical challenges.

Through the Programme, the NML engages directly with businesses from sectors ranging from healthcare to food and cosmetics, providing access to our state-of-the-art measurement and analytical capabilities, helping them address problems and challenges in innovative ways, and offering bespoke solutions, not available commercially.

Over 90% of businesses completing an Analysis for Innovators Project have reported business growth due to increased productivity, and over 60% saw their competitiveness improved in their markets.

So if you have a food measurement challenge that you'd like help with, find out more about how the NML supports UK companies through the A4I programme here, and information about how to apply here.

Applications close: Wednesday 3 January 2024 @11:00am GMT.

Do you have a question regarding the Programme for the NML? Email a4i-nml@lgcgroup.com

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11036926093?profile=RESIZE_710xIf you are a food business and have a measurement issue that you'd like to resolve then why not apply and see if you can get the nation's top measurement laboratories on the case?

Over 90% of businesses completing an A4I Project have reported business growth due to increased productivity, and over 60% saw their competitiveness improved in their markets.

You can find out more about how we support UK
companies through the A4I programme here, and for information about the Programme and how to apply, please visit A4I.info.                                             
Start your application here!                                        
Competition opened on Monday 24 April

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10914584678?profile=RESIZE_584xThe Innovate UK programme Analysis for Innovators (A4I) is a very different type of programme from Innovate UK. It is focused on helping individual companies to solve tricky and, perhaps, long running technical challenges, affecting existing processes, products, or services. A4I works with companies from sectors ranging from healthcare to the food and cosmetics sectors.

The National Measurement Laboratory (NML) is a founding partner of the A4I Programme and is the UK’s designated institute for chemical and bio-measurement, supporting the work of the Government Chemist.

Through A4I, we provide companies with access to our state-of-the-art measurement and analytical capabilities, helping them address problems and challenges in innovative ways, boosting their competitiveness and productivity. Other partners include, National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the National Engineering Laboratory (NEL), the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing TechnologiesHenry Royce InstituteNational Gear Metrology LabNational Institute for Biological Standards and ControlNewton Gateway to Mathematics

If you are new to the Programme we encourage you to watch the online A4I briefing here

Analysis for Innovators (A4I) Round 9 – Stage 1

Opens: 07/11/2022 Closes: 04/01/2023

Do you have a question for the NML? email us here

For more information about the Programme and how to apply, please visit the A4I website



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