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12360158858?profile=RESIZE_710xFAO, in partnership with Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR), has developed this technical background document to raise awareness of predictive early warning tools that can identify imminent and emerging food safety issues, and contribute to the prevention of food safety emergencies, while supporting the development of capacities for their use. 

The report also includes tools (Annex 3) that could be helpful in the prevention of food fraud - we are delighted that our blogs of the JRC's Monthly Food Fraud Reports, presented as visuals (created by our Member Bruno Séchet) gets a mention!.

Access the FAO report here.

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10251976864?profile=RESIZE_584xIn response to requests for information on emerging food security issues from our Members, the Food Authenticity Network Team has created a ‘Food Security Resource Base’ on our website, which signposts stakeholders to third party content on potential / actual disruption to the food and drink supply chain resulting from the current conflict in Ukraine.

The information is presented in two sections:

  • Government information
  • Food Industry information.
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