Olive oil is one of the most commonly adulterated foods. Whether you are buying extra virgin, virgin or refined olive oil, there is a long history of substitution with lower grade and lower cost oils. So how can you be sure the quality of the refined olive oil your company receives is what you agreed to purchase? With the newly proposed identity standard for refined olive oil in the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), you can determine if the quality of your refined olive oil is what it claims to be and help ensure the consistency of your food products, satisfy your customer’s needs and protect your reputation. 

Gina Clapper, USP Senior Scientific Liaison will moderate a panel of worldwide Olive Oil experts including Richard Cantrill, former Chief Science Officer for the American Oil Chemists’ Society; Claudia Guillaume, Modern Olives Laboratories; Zohar Kerem, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and Paul Miller, Australian Olive Association. 

Join our panel as they discuss the challenges of authenticating refined olive oil and how Food Chemical Codex’s newly proposed, unique identity standard applies to food grade refined olive oil produced anywhere in the world and can be used to help you determine the authenticity of refined olive oil.

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