As society becomes more conscious about the origin of the food that they consume, there has been an increase in the number of people choosing to go Vegan. This movement is supported by initiatives such as ‘Veganuary’, and encouraged by groups such as ‘The Vegan Society’. In the corporate world, this brings a whole realm of exciting new revenue streams, from providing Vegan alternatives in clothing, cosmetics, beverages, and of course food.

This market is currently in its infancy and is not without its teething problems, as several recalls have been made due to Vegan labelled food contaminated with items such as meat, eggs, and milk. To ensure the continuation of this booming market it is fair to say that consumer confidence is key.

In this webinar 'Verifying Vegan: How laboratories can maintain pace with the authentication of Vegan Food', AXIO will be exploring the testing challenges in this emerging market and will be joined by guest speaker Mário Gadanho, R&D Senior Staff Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Mário is an expert in the field of Next Generation Sequencing and will provide real insight into how both NGS and PCR will play critical roles in the verification of vegan foods.

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